1914 - Pan-humanity, or the First World War and Europe
Petr Safronov
(Philosopher, independent researcher)
Gender and humanities
Ella Rossman
(Specialist in gender history and the history of Soviet and Russian feminism. Writing a dissertation at the School of Slavic and East European Studies, University College London.)
Introductory acting course "The Birth of the New" (according to the method of Mikhail Chekhov)
Olesya Savchenko
(Director, Researcher and teacher of acting by the method of Mikhail Chekhov, member of the Michael Chekov Association (USA, MICHA))
Qualitative Research Methods in the Social and Humanitarian Sciences
Natalia Ilyina
(MA in Comparative Cultural Analysis, Qualitative Research Expert)
Social psychology of trauma
Elena Cherepanov
(PhD psychology)