1980s: When everyone turned into ghosts
Petr Safronov
(Philosopher, independent researcher)
Conscious Reading
Sergey Lebedenko
(Independent correspondent for Novaya Gazeta, literary critic, teacher of journalism and literary excellence)
Diary literature of the Soviet totalitarian era
Natalya Gromova
(Prose writer, historian of Soviet literature, author of articles and books)
Evolution of plot and genre
Dmitry Bykov
Genre Formation in the Modern Russian Literature
Evgeniy Ermolin
(Writer, literary critic, literary critic, publicist, blogger)
History of Soviet poetry
Dmitry Bykov
How to write a good coursework, master's, candidate's and humanitarian dissertation
Elena Lukyanova
(Doctor of Law, lawyer)
Introduction to the theory and practice of humanism
Elena Cherepanov
(PhD psychology)
Poetics,(Literary) Critique and Poetry Theory: Is it possible to evaluate(poetry)?
Tatiana Voltskaya
(Poet, essayist, author of 17 collections of poems)
Poetry master class with Katya Kapovich
Katia Kapovich
Predictions and prophecies in world literature
Dmitry Bykov
Russian incarnations
Dmitry Bykov
Russian incarnations (Emigration in literatute)
Dmitry Bykov
Russian theatrical censorship: history and modernity
Mikhail Kaluzhsky
(Playwright and journalist)
Screen imagery in modern cinema and television
Valery Balayan
(Film director, radio journalist, documentary film screenwriter)
Speech technique - voice, diction, intonation. Development of communication capabilities
Mstislav Pentkovsky
(opera director)
The key Elements of Success in Organising and Running a Commercially Viable Art Gallery
Anna Eletska
(Arts and culture management consultant)
Marat Gelman